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When someone is arrested and charged with a crime or with an Arizona DUI, that person needs to act immediately to begin the process of building the strongest defense possible. That’s because the prosecution will not stop its efforts once it starts, which means that those who find themselves in this stressful position need to push past their emotions and obtain the help of experienced Arizona criminal defense lawyers.

The Law Offices of Alex Lane, PLC provide this type of critical legal help for clients in a professional, zealous and affordable manner, which means that no one should forgo their legal right to representation because of concerns regarding finances or potential delays to the process.

In recent years, the Arizona legislature has reacted to public pressure regarding the problems associated with drinking and driving by passing some of the toughest DUI laws in the United States. In the past, those charged with a DUI could face a stiff fine and a revocation of driving privileges.

But now in addition to those penalties, first time Arizona DUI defendants face jail time as well. As a result, an Arizona DUI defense lawyer who has the experience necessary to work toward a successful result needs to get immediately involved. Aggressive representation should entail plea negotiations, preparation for trial and making motions to the court to have certain types of evidence excluded from trial.

We Can Help You

Being arrested for any crime can be intimidating. The Law Offices of Alex Lane, PLC makes this process very simple for you or your family member.

When you call The Law Offices of Alex Lane, PLC you will speak with one of our attorneys the first time you call. If you or a family member have been arrested for a crime in Arizona such as a DUI or other criminal charges, you need to get aggressive representation. The Law Offices of Alex Lane, PLC have the experience and the background and understand the court system in Arizona. Knowing how prosecutors work is the key to building a successful criminal defense. We fight for fair solutions for our clients and have a history of success in removing or reducing offenses.

Experience Matters

Given their years of experience in helping suspects and defendants, the Arizona criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Alex Lane, PLC understand that initial consultations can occur at any time and that they may need to occur in almost any place.

Therefore, whether you are already in jail waiting for the next step in the criminal prosecution process or you’ve merely been made aware that you could be contacted in furtherance of a police investigation, you need to obtain the protection you need as quickly as possible.

The Law Offices of Alex Lane, PLC has and will continue to serve its clients in and around the Phoenix area, and the firm has worked as Arizona criminal defense and DUI defense lawyers in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe and all of the other communities in Maricopa County.

Given the experience the firm possesses in a collective sense, the Arizona criminal defense lawyers at the firm also understand that every courthouse and District Attorney’s office has a slightly different and particularized way of approaching criminal prosecutions. This knowledge can be critical when it comes to working toward a solution that’s fair and equitable for everyone involved.

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