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Are you wondering if you should hire a DUI attorney in Mesa or take your chances representing yourself in a DUI case? Here are some reasons that retaining the services of a Mesa DUI attorney may be a good decision.

1) You gain years of experience. A DUI attorney in Mesa like Alex Lane has represented hundreds or thousands of DUI defendants. This means that your Mesa DUI attorney has appeared in court hundreds of times, negotiated with prosecutors, petitioned judges and demanded that his or her client’s rights be respected. Some “general” attorneys have never even appeared in criminal court, much less fought for the rights of a DUI client!

2) You find a “friend at court.” When you work in the court system with hundreds of DUI defendants, you develop a relationship with the police, the prosecutors, the judges, the clerks and others who deal with these matters on the prosecutorial side of the aisle. While many people believe that prosecutors and defense attorneys are enemies, this is far from the truth. A good defense attorney develops a relationship of mutual respect with the prosecution and is able to set aside personal feelings in order to be able to negotiate your case successfully. When you hire a DUI attorney, you are actually hiring an instant “friend at court” who can help you deal with prosecutors and others who have control over the outcome of your case.

3) You may minimize the future impact of your DUI. While pleading guilty may seem an attractive option, particularly if the prosecution suggests that it is willing to “reduce” the charges in exchange for a plea, this maneuver must be done very carefully. You could, in theory, gain little today with a guilty plea and face much more serious charges at a later time if you are ever pulled over again for DUI. Furthermore, prosecutors are not above allowing a defendant to believe that he or she is getting a “good deal” when, in fact, the prosecution is simply doing what it is required to do by law.

4) You are represented by someone with your best interests at heart. Ultimately, the reason you hire an attorney is because you want someone who has your best interests at heart. Your attorney represents you and no one else, so he or she is bound to take your case seriously and promote you at every step. Prosecutors, on the other hand, represent the state, so they cannot, by definition, have your best interests at heart. Instead, no matter how cooperative or nice they may seem, they are doing one job: trying to make you pay the largest possible fine for your DUI and spend the longest time possible in jail.

5) You have more options. When you choose an Arizona DUI attorney, you will learn about options of which you may not have been aware. You may be able to negotiate a much better plea agreement or even have your charges dismissed with the help of an experienced DUI lawyer.

Alex Lane is ready to help you explore the options regarding your DUI charge. Contact him today for more information.

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