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If you are looking for a Phoenix DUI lawyer, you probably want someone who is compassionate and seems to understand your particular case. It is likely that you would prefer to deal with an attorney who is friendly and who will take the time to explain what is happening with your DUI charges. You certainly want an attorney who offers you as many options as possible for dealing with these charges. However, what you want more than anything is a DUI lawyer in Phoenix who has the experience and skill to handle your case in the fastest and most professional way possible and to get you the results you want.

Phoenix DUI Lawyers—Experience Counts

When you are considering hiring a DUI attorney in Phoenix, it is nice to have an attorney who shows that he or she cares about you personally. You want to feel comfortable with your attorney and be able to talk to him or her and ask questions. Ultimately, however, having a Phoenix DUI attorney with the right skill set and experience to handle your case is most important.

Experience counts when you are looking for a Phoenix DUI lawyer. Whether you are facing a first-time misdemeanor or a fourth felony DUI charge, it is important for you to have a DUI lawyer in Phoenix who understands the law and the implications of any particular action on your behalf. Inexperienced Phoenix DUI lawyers or those who handle a multitude of case types simple do not have this knowledge and can make crucial mistakes regarding your case.

For example, did you know that?

• The first 48 hours after your arrest are the most crucial?
• You have rights that can be exercised on your behalf, many of which are ignored by attorneys without proper experience in handling DUI cases?
• Retaining a DUI attorney in Phoenix is the best way to avoid certain charges altogether?
• Your charges may be dropped completely if you have a Phoenix DUI attorney who understands how to put pressure on prosecutors?
• Even in cases in which your charges cannot be dropped, an experienced DUI lawyer can minimize the impact of most DUI charges by helping you receive the lightest possible penalties?

Can I Handle My Own DUI Case?

It is absolutely legal for you to represent yourself in any criminal action. However, that does not mean that it is the wise choice. While you have the right to represent your own interests and you may be very intelligent, the chances are great that you do not have the specific skills necessary to understand or utilize all the legal defenses available to you. This is one reason why judges always urge defendants to accept an attorney in criminal cases. In fact, there have been instances in which appeals courts have ordered new trials simply because they did not believe the defendant was able to understand and appreciate the magnitude of the charges against him or her and chose to self-represent.

That is not likely to happen if you represent yourself in a DUI case, however. Most likely, you will find that you have trouble dealing with prosecutors, judges and law enforcement. You may find that they consider a self-represented case as an easy win. Even more likely, you will find that they are right and that you have little chance of beating DUI charges when you try to represent yourself, no matter what your education or experience with the courts. It is simply impossible to see your own case from the objective viewpoint you need to represent your legal interest in the best possible way.

If you want to avoid fines, jail time, probation requirements and the loss of your driver’s license or to minimize these penalties to the greatest extent possible, contact The Law Offices of Stewart & Lane in Phoenix today. Alex Lane has many years of experience in helping people like you avoid the penalties of all types of DUI cases. Call for an appointment today.

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