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If you are thinking of hiring a Tempe DUI lawyer, there are several things you should consider before making your choice. Hiring the wrong DUI attorney in Tempe could easily be a costly mistake, because the wrong attorney may not be able to help you minimize the issues related to a DUI.

Why Not Just Plead Guilty?

Many people who are arrested for DUI take the attitude that they are already facing hefty fines and other penalties, so it is probably better to just plead guilty and move on. This is particularly true if the prosecutor has told you that he or she will “reduce” the charges in exchange for a guilty plea. At the time, this may seem like a good solution to your problems. However, this strategy can backfire if you are ever arrested again for DUI. A good DUI lawyer in Scottsdale will explain that what you do today could come back to haunt you in a few years.

The first thing to remember is that prosecutors do not do you any favors by offering you a “deal.” A prosecutor offers a DUI defendant a deal because it is expedient for the State to do so. In other words, the prosecution is not trying to help you; they are simply trying to put another win in their own column and at the same time minimize the amount of work involved in prosecuting a DUI.

While this may seem like a good all-around solution, your Tempe DUI lawyer will tell you that it is not always the best choice. When you choose to plead guilty now for very little benefit you may be throwing away the chance to negotiate a future DUI case and may face much more serious penalties at that time. Arizona courts are allowed to “look back” for seven years from the date of your DUI arrest, so if you plead guilty to a DUI in college, you could theoretically be a “repeat offender” by the time you are 30 just for being pulled over with a BAC of .08 percent one time.

How Can A Tempe DUI Attorney Help My Case?

However, many people still do not believe that retaining a DUI attorney in Tempe will help their cases. After all, they reason, if you are caught driving drunk, you have little choice but to plead guilty and pay the fines. However, there is nothing that is further from the truth than this statement.

An experienced Tempe DUI attorney has access to many resources to help you beat or at least reduce a DUI charge. When you retain a DUI lawyer in Scottsdale, you are not just hiring someone to represent your legal interests; you are also retaining the experience of someone who has represented hundreds of people accused of this crime. This attorney should have a good working relationship with prosecutors and should be aware of all the recent changes in the law that can be used to your benefit.

Alex Lane has been representing people charged with driving under the influence for many years. Contact Alex Lane today to learn more about how he can help you with your DUI charges and may be able to assist you in minimizing these charges to give you the best possible chance of avoiding the worst penalties.

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